About Us

The William Hayes Consultancy has been providing quality, Project Management, Research and Development, Engineering Department Management, Skills Training & Management Development, European Union funding application and draw down management since our founding in 1975.

It is our mission to provide a client profitable confidential service specific to your ethical need, technical constraints and financial objectives.

We believe the best way to achieve this goal is through a phased strategic approach to problem solving, product development or plant design.


The Company targets four distinct global industries.

  • Food processing
  • Sector supply industries
  • Research and Development projects
  • Waste product reduction and recycling.


The expertise available to the Company permits specialization in,

    • Strategic Procurement, International & Multi Species
    • Slaughter plant design & development
    • Deboning plant design & re-engineering
    • Further Processing factory layout & design
    • Bakery Production
    • Waste Product Recycling
    • Engineering Services --- fabrication costs, CHP, heat transfer, temperature control, chilling, freezing, effluent treatment
    • Engineering department management
    • Research & Development Project management.

The skill base on hand incorporates,

    • Plant Design
    • Engineering Disciplines
    • Project Cash Flow Management
    • EU Directive Requirements
    • Grant / International Aid Management
    • Skills Training & Management Development
    • Investors in People
    • Primary and Secondary Research Procedures.


  • The Company  provides confidential, technical, managerial, advisory and design services.
  • The Company can supply detailed strategic business development plans that incorporate current EU Directives.
  • The Company can provide strategic analysis, feasibility studies & market research.
  • The Company can provide the design of, the implementation of and the control of development budget systems.
  • The Company can supply technical plans for the strategic development of green field projects.
  • The Company can provide detailed plans for the diversification of product base, the improvement of product flow or for targeted refurbishment projects.
  • The Company can develop technical plans and management control systems for strategic research & development projects.
  • The Company can provide a fully integrated service with teams or individuals who are professionals within their specialist field.
  • The Company has provided technical and advisory services to a range of national and international organizations.
  • The Company has aided new startup, multinational organizations and government agencies.
  • The Client base of the company extends across three continents.